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Who was the youngest US President?
What NFL team was Brett Favre drafted by?
What is the capital of Brazil?
What candy bar was named for a family horse?
How many miles from Florida is Cuba?
Who sang the hit song 'Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress?
Who is Norma Jean Mortensen better known as?
What river is the Hoover Dam on?
As of April 2015, how many people have held the office of President of the US?
What was the original occupation of Nintendo's Mario?
On Family Guy, what's the occupation of Quagmire?
What's the only book of the Bible to not use the word 'God?'
What is the mascot of Delta State University?
What soda has the motto 'Born in the South. Raised in a glass.'
What was the last state to rejoin the Union after the Civil War?
What color was originally associated with Saint Patrick's Day?
Tre Cool is the drummer for which band?
What ocean liner sank in May of 1915
Who hosts the Food Network show 'Chopped?'
Ankara is the capital of what country?

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