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Can you determine which articles are from BuzzFeed and which are from the parody Clickhole?

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Article titleWebsite
How 'Alex From Target' Are You?
If You Don’t Like Candy Corn You’re A Dumb Idiot
33 Actors You Didn’t Realize Were In That Other Thing
9 Photos Of Oppressed People With Striking Eyes That Will Change Your Perspective On Something Or Other
9 Reasons We Are Excited For Dad To Come Back To Life
The Best Two-Sentence Horror Stories Of All Time
13 Proven Steps On How To Hold Your Purse Exactly Like Taylor Swift
Diva Alert! 5 Bizarre Musician Dressing Room Demands
44 Thoughts You Have When You Think Your Husband Is Behind You But You Turn Around And It’s A Ghost
Boston’s Best Puddles To Dip Your Face In And Blow Bubbles
Article titleWebsite
14 Struggles Only People Named Hanna Will Understand
10 Penises People Actually Eat
What To Do After The Job Interview When You’re Standing In A Closet That You Thought Was The Exit
This Squirrel’s Brave Directorial Debut Will Inspire You
If Black People Said The Things My Doctor Says
8 Signs He's Cheating
Absolutely Adorable! This Company Let This Man’s Son Tell Him He’s Fired
17 Incredible Google Doodles We’d Make If We Knew How
19 Texts Only Your Dad Would Send
19 Times Emma Watson Made You Wish You Were Emma Watson

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