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How many constituencies does Scotland have?
Who is Scotland's national poet?
What is the name of Scotland's national anthem?
What does 'Failte gu Alba' mean?
What's Scotland's highest mountain?
to the nearest thousand, how many freshwater lochs and lochans are there in Scotland?
What's the capital city of Scotland?
What's Scotland's national bird?
How many universities does Scotland have?
Where would you find the Corryvreckan whirlpool?
How many miles of coastline (to the nearest 100 miles) does mainland Scotland have?
What language is spoken mainly in the north and west of Scotland, as well as English?
What is Scotland's national sport?
What's Scotland's largest island
Who was the last king of Scotland, before union with England? (number must be in roman numerals)
Who is Scotland's first minister? (as of 11/2014)
What is Scotland's MOST VISITED tourist attraction?
What's Scotland's longest river?
How many national parks does Scotland have?
According to the 2011 census, what's Scotland's population, to the nearest 100,00?

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