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Can you name the The Ffestiniog Railway?

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HintAnswer must include the word 'The', when
Where is the Ffestiniog Railway located?(Lower terminus name)
What was the original purpose of its' creation?
When was it first opened?
What's the name of the mile long embankment on which the railway starts its' journey into the mountains?
What's the name of the upper terminus of the line?
How long is the railway? (answer in miles, please)
What is the guage of the railway?
The oldest operating steam locomotive in the world has its' home on the Ffestiniog Railway; what is its' name?
The line was forced to close in 1946, Why?
What year was the line re opened?
Who was the original creator of the line?
What are the names of the 2 railway tunnels on the current line?
The line also contains the only spiral on a British Railway. Where is it located?
HintAnswer must include the word 'The', when
What is the name of the man made reservoir which the railway passes towards the end of its' journey? (answer must include hyphens and the word 'resrvoir' to be correct.
The line offers spectacular views along much of its' length of a river. What is the river's name?
How many engines are currently in use on the railway, including those awaiting restoration/overhaul?
The railway passes a Hydro Electric Power Station at the previously mentioned reservoir. What is the name of the top reservoir of this scheme?
Which locomotive had covered more miles than any other engine (correct 2010)
What is the name of the railway enthusiast who gained controll of the rail in 1954, with the intention of complete restoration?
How many stations are there on the line (including request halts)?
The railway links up with British Rail at 3 different stations.....what are their names?
In 2010, the Ffestiniog Railway was re connected to another Narrow Guage Line in Porthmadog. What is this line's name?
Who is the current general manager of the Ffestiniog Railway?
What is the name of the project undertaken in 1965 to restore the line to it's upper original terminus?
When was the project referred to in question 24 finally completed?

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