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QUIZ: Can you name the Hamish McHamish facts?

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What kind of animal am I?
What year was I born?
What city was I born in?
Who was my owner/mum?
How old was I when I went on my first 'walkabout'?
What street in my home town was my favourite?
Just checking.......what colour are my eyes?
What year did I go to animal heaven?
On the 5th of April, Mr Leishman made sure everyone would remember me......what was it?
I arrived to witness Mr Leishman's official duty in style.....how???
What was the name of my girlfriend?
What's the name of the solicitors I like to visit?
What did the University students call me, when I went to see them?
Which distillery are making a blend of whiskey in my name?
What's the name of my book?
Who wrote it?
Where can you find my daily blog?

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