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Can you answer the questions about Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

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Mozart was born in what year?
What was the full name of his elder sister? (the only sibling who survived infancy)
Where was he born?
Mozart composed his first concerto at what age?
What was the full name of his father?
In 1762, he met a girl and said, 'You are nice, I will marry you!' Who was this girl
How old was Mozart when he wrote his first symphony?
How old was he when he met the pope in Rome?
He wrote out, for memory, an entire piece that he had heard only once before, on this trip. Who was the composer of that piece?
He also wrote, around this time, the first of his pieces still widely performed today. What is the name of this piece?
What was the name of his first successful opera?
How many numbered symphonies did Mozart compose?
In 1778, Mozart travelled to which European city
In 1782, he fell in love with, and married the third daughter of the Weber family. What was her maiden name?
How many of their children survived infancy?
Mozart was fond of what popular cue sport?
In 1786, Mozart wrote what is arguably the most perfect opera ever written. What is it called?
In 1784, Mozart became a member of which fraternal organization?
What was the name of his last opera?
What year did Mozart die?
One of his pupils became probably the world's greatest composer. Who was he?

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