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from ad- 'to' (see ad-) + parare 'make ready' [us] made of
arcto-, arct- + (Greek: of the bear, bear [the animal]; or the north, northern)
scend-, scen-, scand-, scan-, scans- (Latin: to climb; to mount; by extension, ladder)
ath-, athl- + (Greek: struggle, a contest [in war or in sports],
at (towards), tent-, -tend, -tense (Greek > Latin: to move in a certain direction; as well as tendon, sinew)
auxi-, (Greek > Latin: to increase, to grow; growth) -ary Latin: a suffix; having the character of) contains ili+ary
barb + e+ cue (rod or stick)
'a barge,' because it 'carries goods to and fro.' again and again
base alkali metal

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