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Can you name the 10 most misspelled words L to M?

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[iai] in l---son
library a place where you can borrow bras.
I have a driving licence. noun. They ask to [C] it a lot.
I license you to drive. This is the verb ‘to license’.
lighten lighten by removing the [e]. lightning
The main tenants of this word are 'main' and 'tenance' even though it comes from the verb 'maintain.'
The me---val orthography of English lays traps for you. medi+ev+al
Why would something to remind of you of a moment be spelled 'memento?' Well, it is.
Here is another big word, large enough to hold two double consonants, double [l] and double [n]. mil------m
A million pounds makes you a
This one is a 'mini ature;' remember that.
minuscule and miniature shouldn't they be spelled similarly? Less than cool, or 'minus cule.'
This mi------us word holds three traps: [i] before [e] [v] instead of [f] and [ou] not [iou].
misspell mis+spell

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