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hintlearn direct word
AB & ABS meaning AWAY, FROM & SEPARATION. (not being there)
und- (Latin: > French: flow, wave, billow)(more than you need)
Prefix Ac which means TO & TOWARD. -cess, ( to withdraw) [ible or able]
-cad-, cas-, cid- (Latin: to fall, befall)
Prefix Ac which means TO & TOWARD. [claim] (Latin: speak, say, shout)
Prefix Ac which means TO & TOWARS -cumul - (Latin: a heap, heap up)
quaint- + (Latin > Old French > Middle English: well known, skillful, neat, elegant) lots of words end in tance rather than tence when in doubt choose tance.
only one c -cruci-, crux +(Latin: cross, crosslike; from the gallows tree)
hintlearn direct word
re-, reg-, rec-, rex- (Latin: to direct, to guide, to govern)(home)
vers-, vert-, -verse, -version, -version, (Latin: bend, turn) TV add
Prefix Al which means TO & TOWARD leg-, lex (Latin: pertaining to the law, legal)
amat-, amor-, am- + (Latin: love) French: eur
ana-, + (Greek: up, again) lyso-, lyo-, ly-, -lysin, -lys-, -lysis, -lytic, -lyt-, -lyz- 'to loosen';
-,ann, anni-, annu-, enn-, enni- (Latin: year, yearly)
only one p. part-, parti- (Latin: part, parts, to divide) -ment(Latin: a suffix; result of, means of, act of; place of action)

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