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Forced Order
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A character speaking alone on stage is known as a soliloquy.
In Act 1 the crowd cheers because of Caesar's war triumphs over Pompey.
Cassius wants Caesar dead because Caesar has too much power.
Brutus wants Caesar dead because it would be best for Rome.
Caesar refused the crown three times.
During Brutus' funeral oration he says he killed Caesar because he was too ambitious.
Antony reveals that in Caesar's will he left them land, slaves, and money.
The opening scene takes place upon the feast of Lupercal.
The Roman people are fickle in their loyalty to their leaders.
The common people enthusiastically support Caesar.
Brutus is easily flattered and controlled by Cassius.
Caesar seems to be aware that Cassius is his enemy.
Cassius expresses contempt for Caesar's physical weakness.
Cassius is anxious to persuade Brutus to join the conspiracy.
Caesar has no interest in becoming king.
Both the nobility and common people respect Brutus.
Casca holds the Roman people in high regard.
In Act 1, Brutus decides to join the conspiracy.
In Act 1, the protagonist who drives the action forward is Brutus.
Portia is the wife of Cassius.
Cassius is killed with the help of his slave.
Honor is extremely important to Romans.
Pompey is the third member of the triumvirate that rules Rome along with Antony and Octavius after Caesar's death.
Brutus says it is better the kill oneself than to be taken captive.
Brutus insist that the conspirators kill Antony.
The fist man to stab Caesar was Cassius.

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