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According to the episode 'The Girls They Left Behind,' who does Bomber support?In series 4 he disproves this by wearing their rivals' shirt!
In the same episode, which European team do Sunderland play?Ended in a 1-1 draw, 'we weren't disgraced'
What is the name of Barry's cousin, who sends him a letter from Saudi Arabia?
What does Oz affectionately call the Turkish workers on the building site?
In the episode, 'Home Thoughts from Abroad,' what kind of curry do the lads receive despite ordering chicken?This was despite Oz's technically sound chicken impression
With which Building Society does Barry Taylor have an account?
Who is the only female to appear in all four series of Auf Pet?
Which American Football team does Rod Osbourne support?
Where does Barry go originally before changing his mind and going to DusseldorfHe didn't like the place nor the sights!
What was the name of Barry's friend, the democratically-elected leader of his last job?
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Where was the character of Moxey originally supposed to be from?
Which team does Oz think Wayne supports when they first meet?'Ye can tell man'
Obscure one now, who is Bomber's daughter listening to on Wayne's Walkman when she borrows it?The two also share a liking of Kim Wilde
What name does Neville get tattooed on his arm at the end of the very first episode?
According to Moxey, he's only ever 'been' with one older woman? What footballer did she look like?
What comes on the jukebox in Arthur's pub, much to Oz's displeasure?Oz breaks the jukebox to voice his displeasure.
What does Arthur Pringle infamously like to be called?
What insult does Wayne call Barry numerous times throughout series 1?
Name one of Moxey's new names he gets in series 2?
What did Brenda tell Neville when he revealed they were going back to Germany?

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