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A Pokemon that is purple and is in the shape of a pile of slimey crap.
A painful STD that is a bulbous sore.
A Pokemon that has magnets for arms, and leaves you wondering how they reproduce.
Pussy pokemon. The only move it has is Teleport and is hard to catch.
Member of team rocket, along with Jesse and James.
Fat-assed yellow wombat.
The Paedophile of the Pokemon world. Often seen trying to hypnotise children.
A pokemon that is just a half dosen of pink eggs. Its a wonder that they don't rot after the many hours of battling.
A Pokemon that resembles a Plesiosaur or Lochness monster.
This Pokemon looks badass and cool and its Hydro Pump will knock your **** teeth out.
Everyone thought this guy was the best, but then I would whip out my Blastoise and kick his ass every time.
Snake backwards.
A dud Pokemon. This Pokemon just sits there and all he can do is harden.
A really fat chick, often goes out searching for food or mates.
Usually referred to the crap star as it has no real use in the Pokemon world.
A person resembling a ridiculous pony.
In the first Pokemon movie he goes around killing people. That is so badass.
A small phallus shaped pokemon that sometimes likes to gather in a trio for orgies
That one electric pokemon that you used to see everywhere but no one gave a **** about it.
Can even bend spoons with its mind.
People often think it's homosexual because it wears a speedo.
The sound of a machine gun being fired.
It's a bird with a leek that it rams up it's opponents' unsuspecting...
One good kick in the balls from this pokemon and you're through
Pink blob which has only one attack.
A Retarded Pink Pokemon that Kills you with psyhic moves.
They attack in flocks, causing great fear in young trainers. Unless they have a pikachu.
The most gangster pokemon alive. He has no legs, but he doesn't need them, only arms. One for slappin' bitches, and one for countin' money.
A type of a Pokémon that has something or the other to do with mushrooms.
A small, wimpy Pokemon with vine-like feet and a bell-shaped head.

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