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Can you figure out the missing words from each of the Weasley's lines?

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Ginny: 'She's a damn sight nicer than __________.'
Ron: 'Sounds like the sort or mental thing ___________ would say.'
Molly: 'Now, dear, you're coming to us for __________, it's all fixed with Dumbledore, so we'll see you quite soon.'
Ron: 'I think... Harry, I think I __________ her.'
George: 'Pygmy Puffs. Miniature ____________, we can't breed them fast enough.'
Arthur: 'To find out how __________ stay up.'
Ron: 'Yeah, I s'pose. But half an ___________! Like that matters!'
Ginny: 'I can't, Harry, I said I'd meet ________.'
Bill: 'Did you hear about Florean __________ Remus? The man who ran-'
Ginny: 'Three Dementor attacks in a week and all Romilda Vane does is ask me if it's true you've got a ____________ tattooed on your chest.'
Ginny: 'It's for some stupid ____________ reason, isn't it?'
George: 'Blimey, it was lucky you thought of a ___________.'
Fred: 'Yeah, when we pictured the scene, he was ____________.'
Ron: 'That was different. They were abusing it. Harry and his dad were just having a laugh. You don't like the _________, Hermione, because he's better than you at Potions-'
Arthur: 'Half our ___________ does seem to owe you their lives, now I stop and think about it.'
Arthur: 'Talking to Diagon Alley, looks like _____________ gone too.'
Ginny: 'Did I hear right? You've been taking orders from something someone wrote in a _________, Harry?'
Arthur: 'I checked, Harry. I went and searched the _________ house. There was nothing, either broken or whole, that shouldn't have been there.'
Ginny: 'He's over there, the filthy __________.'
Molly: 'Ron! Don't you ever let me see you throwing __________ again!'
Molly: 'If I see you do that again I'll jinx your __________ together.'
Ginny: 'He saw me hex ____________ Smith.'
Ron: 'So who do you reckon Katie was supposed to give the __________ to?'
George: 'Well, we find we appreciate you more and more, Mum, now we're washing our own ___________!'
Ron: 'He's got Crabbe and Goyle transforming into __________?'
Molly: 'Oh they're in Diagon Alley sleeping in the little flat over their ________ shop as they're so busy.'
Fred: 'Haven't you _______ found our special WonderWitch products yet?'
Fred: 'Percy definitely not showing his ugly _________, then?'
Ron: 'Tomorrow, I'd rather you _______ the alarm clock.'
Arthur: 'Harry, I doubt whether You-Know-Who would allow a _________-year-old-'
Ron: 'Essence of ___________?'

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