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Lecture 1
The 3 domains are Eukarya, Bacteria and (x) 
Name one of the 3 main body shapes of prokaryotes 
The substance that makes up bacteria cell walls 
Bacteria with an added layer of lipopolysaccharides 
Where the genetic material of a prokaryote is stored 
Protein that makes up the flagella 
Small hairs for attachment 
Hair like feature for exchange of genetic material 
The ability to move from or to certain stimuli 
Ring of DNA in a prokaryote 
Metabolically inactive structure that can remain dormant through harsh conditions 
Self-Feeding organisms 
Organisms that rely on others for food 
Prefix added to one of the above to indicate use of light as an energy source 
Prefix added to one of the above to indicate use of inorganic substances for energy 
Prokaryotes that rely on oxygen for cellular respiration 
Prokaryotes that can survive with or without oxygen 
Atmospheric Nitrogen to Ammonia 
Lecture 2
An ecological relationship with two close contact species 
A key group of bacteria, responsible for early earth oxygenation 
Prokaryotes that can survive extreme temperatures 
Prokaryotes that can survive extreme salinity 
Methane producing prokaryotes 
Compounds that refold proteins as they unravel 
Lecture 3
A relationship where one organism lives inside another, thought to be origin of eurkaryotes 
Prokaryotes have 70S ribosomes, eukaryotes have (x) 
Protists that can form red tides 
Photosynthetic protists composed of two vlaves 
Line down body, separating the two valves of the above protist 
Filamentous protist with a ribbon chloroplast 
Starch deposits in protists 
Joining of filamentous protists 
Thin sheet protists formed by two plane division 
Lecture 4
Communicating protists dividing in three planes 
Communication channels of the above 
Loosely adhered cells with flagella 
If karyokinesis occurs without cytokinesis 
Scientific name for Red Algae 
Scientific name for Green Algae 
Lecture 5
The (x) have crystalline rods within their flagella 
Example of a (above answer) that can respire and photosynthesise 
Protein coating of the cell for protection 
Parasite transmitted by Tsetse Fly 
The (x) contain alveoli at the base of their flagellum 
The (x) have long flagella that move differently to cilia 
The (x) have coopertive cilia to perform functions 
Mechanism of Paramecium movement 
Used in Paramecium (and others) for osmoregulation 
Protist clade including Forams and Radiolarians 
Used by Amoebas for movement and feeding 
Shells created by Foraminifera are called 
Heterotrophic protists including amoebozoans 

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