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Stages of Gnathostome Evolution
Gnathostome Jaw Types
Groups within Chondrichthyes
Minor group including ratfish 
Sharks and Rays 
Modern sharks 
Extinct with large spines 
Groups of Osteichthyes
Group including sturgeons 
Group including gars 
Big group of bony fish 
Lobe-finned fishes 
Famous transition to land fossils
Groups of Mesozoic Marine Reptiles
Main Group 1 
Main Group 2 
Main Group 3 
Main Group 4 
Sub-group of Main Group 1 
Sub-group of Main Group 1 
Sub-group of Main Group 1 
Sub-group of Main Group 1 
Grades of Ichthyosaurs
Grade 1 
Grade 2 
Grade 3 
Major Groups of Dinosaurs
Long Necked Saurischians 
Carnivorous Saurischians 
Sauropod Groups
Stout Skulls eg Camarasaurus 
Slender Skulls eg Diplodicus 
Ornithischia Groups
Includes Ankylosaurs & Stegosaurs 
Includes all groups below 
Includes the Hadrosaurs 
Includes Triceratops 
Dome headed herbivores 
Includes the two groups above 
Theropod Groups
Basal group including Ceolophysis 
Include Carnotaurus 
Long snouts and sometimes sails (A) 
Includes Allosaurus 
Includes T-rex (B) 
Includes Compsognathus 
Includes Gallimimus 
Previously thought of as egg theives (C) 
The sickle clawed raptors 
Possibly most intelligent dinosaurs 
Flying feathered things (D) 
Everything from A - D 
Everything from B - D 
Everything from C - D 
Avian Anatomy
Specialised fused hip for landing 
Fused Tail 
Large bone ridge for muscle attachment 
Downstroke Muscle 
Upstroke Muscle 
Wing flap, function unsure 
Pre Mesozoic Synapsids
Synapsid group including Dimetrodon 
Dominant group in the Permian (A) 
Subgroup of A including Moschops 
Successful burrowers including Lystrosaurs 
Sabre toothed predators 
Components of DMME
Connects to eardrum (A) 
Middle bone (B) 
End Bone 
Jaw Bone that formed A 
Jaw Bone that formed B 

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