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Lecture 1
Likelihood of activity occuring in nervous system 
Excitable cell of the nervous system 
Equilibrium potential for Potassium  
Equilibrium potential for Sodium 
Potential when inactive (Term, not value) 
When the potenital is lowered to a more negative 
When the potential is raised 
Name for system that returns to original state if stimulus is removed 
Lecture 2
Also known as impulses or spikes 
Duration of impulse (x to y m/s) 
Value at which sodium channels open (Term, not value) 
Name for channels controlled by electric impulses 
Period when Na channels inactive but K channels are open 
Some neurons are wrapped by this (made of Schwann cells) 
Spaces inbetween individual Schwann cells 
Method of conduction when insulation is present 
Where one neuron meets another 
Chemical signal that passes from one neuron to another 
Multiple signals adding together 
Lecture 3
Thick Muscle Fibre Filaments 
Thin Muscle Fibre Filaments 
Basic unit arrangement of filaments 
An invagination into the muscles 
Endoplasmic reticulum in muscles 
Several muscle fibres controlled by one motor neuron 
Lecture 4
Nervous system often found in cnidarians 
Collection of nerves in a mini-brain-like structure 
Number of ventral nerve cords found in arthropods 
One of the main nervous systems of chordates 
Other main nervous system in chordates 
Back section of the brain 
Middle section of the brain 
Front section of the brain 
Area at the very front of the brain 
Lecture 5
Simplest form of stimuli-sensory reaction 
Simple receptor endings of nerves 
Another word for sense of taste 
Used by fish to detect water vibrations 
Jelly-like layer where hairs are embedded 
Lecture 6
Hollow balls of hair cells found in crustaceans 
Small crystal inside hollow cell ball 
Vertebrate system for sense of balance 
One of the chambers used in the balance system 
Other chamber used in this system 
External structure for directing sound into ear 
Vibrating membrane at the end of the auditory canal 
Spiral structure where the sound becomes water bourne 
Where vibrations are transformed into electrical impulses 
Where the hairs of the hair cells are embedded 
Where the hair cells are attached 
Lowest frequency of sound humans can detect 
Highest frequency humans can hear 
Pigment found on rod cells 
Pigment found on cone cells 

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