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Mendel 1
Year Mendel's Paper was published 
Breeding plants to create genetically pure samples 
Having both copies of an allele at a locus 
Always shows it's trait in the phenotype 
You will no doubt be asked to construct one of these at some point in the future 
Ratio produced when trait is controlled by one genomic region in a homozygous cross (space separated) 
Cross that gives a 9:3:3:1 ratio 
Mendel 2
(x) causes obesity in mice 
Interaction of alleles between two loci 
Results in blending of characteristics 
Results in both characteristics being expressed 
Genes that can cause death if mutated 
Ratio seen if above is in effect (space separated) 
Mendel 3
When nearby chromosomes stay together during meiosis 
Results in a 50% chance of inheriting a parental chromosome 
How often crossing over occurs between genes 
Offspring that inherit the crossed over genes 
Unit to show distance for genes on a chromosome 
Mendel 4
The point at which paired chromosomes remain in contact after crossing over during meiosis 
Areas where recombination is highly likely to take place 
Character coding genes on sex chromosomes 
Example of the above, common in males 
Having a lack of a second chromosome 
Genetic disorder common in the Royal Family 
Population 1
Controlled by multiple genes, these don't show the pattern of Mendelian Genetics 
Examples of the above that are also affected by environmental factors 
When the phenotype is proportional to the frequency of the dominant allele 
A distribution, that is normal 
Uniting of Darwinian Evolution and Mendelian Genetics 
A base pair substitution that doesn't change the resulting amino acid 
When a chromosomal segment moves from one position to another 
Strong selection can result in this occurring to a population 
Population 2
Used to measure allelic frequencies over time 
I can't make questions from this lecture you just have to learn it 
Population 3
Agent of Evolutionary Change 
Agent of Evolutionary Change 
Agent of Evolutionary Change 
Agent of Evolutionary Change 
Agent of Evolutionary Change 
Occurs when small populations breed heavily overtime 
When individuals with similar phenotypes mate preferentially 
When a event means a large population is substantially reduced 
Occurs when part of a population moves into an isolated community 
Population 4
Selection that occurs when extreme phenotypes have less survival chance 
When one phenotype extreme is favoured by selection 
When extreme phenotypes at either end are favoured 
The above may eventually lead to (x) 

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