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Scientific name for Spiny Sharks 
Asymmetrical caudal fin that provides lift 
Extinct gnathostomes often with head armour 
Living on or just above the Sea Floor 
Smaller sub-class of Chondrichthys 
The only extant order of this sub-class 
Type of scale found in Chondrichthys 
Center of the scale structure 
Sub-Order containing Sharks and Rays 
Lift generated by swimming nd body shape 
Lift generated by substances within the animal 
Oil created by sharks for buoyancy 
Increases the surface area of a shark's stomach 
Kept in high concentrations to maintain osregularity 
Relatives of sharks with long sensory structures at the anterior end 
Vestigial gill slit at anterior end 
Dorsal evolution of the Hyoid Arch  
Ventral evolution of the Hyoid Arch 
Dorsal evolution of the Mandibular Arch 
Ventral evolution of the Mandibular Arch 
Largest Fish on Earth 
Used by males to grasp females during mating 
Shark eggs 
Birth to live young attached to yolk sacs 
Shark sense allowing them to detect weak electric fields 
Sensory structures used for this sense. 
Teleosts 1
Sub-class including Sturgeons and Paddlefish 
Simple angular fish scales 
Primitive semi-circular scales found on Coelocanths 
Scales found on more advanced Teleosts 
Sub-class including virtually all well known fish 
Primitive group of (above) that include Bowfins 
Period when teleosts underwent massive radiation 
Small teeth found on ctenoid scales 
A swim bladder still connected to the gut 
A swim bladder unconnected to the gut 
Gland that controls gas volume in the swim bladder 
Knot of capillaries for swim bladder regulation 
Where re-absorption takes place 
Some teleosts have this to act like oil in sharks 
Used by cod to drum against the swim bladder 
Teleosts 2
Two muscle colours in teleosts 
Blocks of muscle in teleosts 
Muscle dorsal of the nerve cord 
Muscle ventral of the nerve cord 
Fins on the top side of the fish 
Symmetrical caudal fin 
Lateral fins of fish 
Scientific name for fin rays 
Primitive teleosts have (x) pelvic fins (posterior or anterior) 
Lure of an Angler fish made of a modified fin ray 
The three directional forces controlled by the fins (space separated) 
Famous striped fish with poisonous fin ray tips 
Fish with a fin modified to become a sucker, often found on sharks 
Two important bones for teleost jaw function (space separated) 
In sharks and rays gill flaps have a (x) structure 
Prevents the gills being disturbed by food particles 
System allowing teleosts to extract maximum oxygen from sea water 
Teleosts 3
The ability to produce very large quantities of eggs 
Grounds where spawning takes place (extremely hard question) 
Modified anal fin ray for internal fertilisation 
Change from female to male in teleosts 
Change from male to female in teleosts 
Breeding several times in a lifetime 
Breeding only once before death (Big Bang Reproduction) 
Name any one stage in the lifecycle of an eel 
Fleshy finned vertebrates (lobe finned) 
The three lineages are the Coelacanthomorpha, Tetrapods and (x) 
The ability to survive drought by cocooning and burial 

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