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Skin Shedding Invertebrates 
Fused body segments 
Process of segment fusion 
Famous Extinct Arthropods 
Name for a chemically hardened body part 
Process of chemically hardening 
Single Branched Limbs 
Double Branched Limbs 
Exoskeleton living cell layer 
Exoskeleton extra-cellular layer 
Shedding of exoskeleton 
Terrestrial crustaceans 
Distinctive larval stage 
Fused tail fan section 
Center of tail fan structure 
Fused head section 
Walking appendages 
Abdomen appendages 
Single cell of compound eye 
First stage of life cycle 
Second stage of life cycle 
Barnacle Body Section 
Barnacle filter feeding limbs 
Frontal section 
Rear Section 
Sensory structures (can be pincers) 
Respiratory structures 
For silk manipulation 
Food Grinder 
Blue blood pigment of Horse Shoe crab 
Sub-taxa including Horse shoe crabs 
Sub-taxa including spiders 
Connects two main body sections 
Reflective surface in eye 
Contains the haemolymph (blood) 
Superclass including insects 
Class including millipedes 
Fused segments of millipedes 
Hardened first segment of millipede 
Simple eyes found with complex eyes on insects 
Rubber like protein found in blocks in insects 
Wingless insects 
Protective cover of wings 
Balancing structures of flies 
Structures thought to have evolved into wings 
Muscle used to lower wing in dragonflies 
Muscle used to raise wing in dragonflies 
Curved top of thorax 
Opening in skin for respiration 
Trachea lead into this haired chamber 
Package of sperm passed to females 
Life cycle with no metamorphosis 
Life cycle with half metamorphosis from nymphs 
Life cycle with full metamorphosis 

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