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Lecture 1
Makes up fungi cell walls 
Method of cell splitting in fungi, not plants 
Actively acquiring energy by food absorption (mode of life) 
Fungi life style, feeding off dead organic matter 
Fungi that kill their host 
Fungi that keep their host alive 
Slender fungi filaments 
Most common example of unicellular fungi 
Divisions of long chains of cells 
Mass of connected hyphae 
Mode of growth for hyphal fungi 
Switching between hyphal and yeast like growth 
First layer of hyphae wall 
Projection of hyphae allowing for plant infiltration 
Lecture 2
Water Moulds 
Motile spores produced by water moulds 
Chemical released by females for chemotaxis 
Chemical released by males for chemotaxis 
Pin Moulds 
Temporarily dormant sexual structure 
Sexual reproduction takes place by fusion of... 
Self fertile fungi 
Fungi with different mating types 
Arbuscular fungi 
Fungi with hyphae that penetrate plant cells 
Fungi with hypha that surround plant cells 
Lecture 3
Sac Fungi 
Spores used for sexual reproduction 
Sac where the spores are produced 
Used to block damaging breaks in the septa 
Asexual Spores 
Sac fungi with no specialised structure 
Sac fungi with ball shaped fruiting body 
Flask shaped sac fungi 
Disc shaped sac fungi 
Connection from female to male allowing for nuclei transfer 
Migration of unpaired nuclei back after mating 
Edible sac fungi 
Mushrooms and Toadstools 
Circular Cap of toadstool 
Stalk of Toadstool 
Mushrooms that burst with millions of spores when touched 
Large mushroom that smells of rotten flesh 
Plant pathogenic fungi 
Lecture 4
Degrading of man made material by fungi 
Common fungal infection usually found on the feet 
Systematic fungal infection that spreads through the body 
Target specific method of killing fungal infections 
Fungicide that disrupts the fungi electron transport chain 
Lecture 5
Most common edible mushroom 
How many days in between each flush of edible mushroom production  
Edible Fungus used as meat substitute 
Famous mushroom that will kill if ingested 
Fungi used by some when exams are over 

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