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Lecture 1
Penetration of the egg by more than one sperm 
Membrane forming around the egg cell membrane 
Thick layer to protect the egg cell 
Specialised vesicles in the plasma membrane 
A small organelle in sperm containing enzymes 
Process of sperm releasing the enzymes 
Part of sperm that penetrates the egg 
Approximate time for plasma membrane to depolarise, preventing other fertilisation 
Water entering the peri-vetelline space creates this membrane 
Time until transcription/translation occur post fertilisation 
Time until first cell division, post fertilisation 
Fertilised egg divides into nucleated (x) without changing size 
Name for embryo at 32 cell stage 
Hollow cell ball structure 
The hollow center of the ball 
Cleaved nuclei held in the same cytoplasm (only in insects) 
Pole of the egg where the yolk gathers 
Pole of the egg where the embryo is 
Developmental stage where body plan is determined 
Movement of cells from the outside to the interior of the hollow ball 
Two layered, hollow embryo 
Hollow space in this embryo 
Point of internal movement [point of (Answer 20)] 
Thin embryo of birds 
Hollow ball of about 100 cells (in mammals) 
The embryos contribution to the placenta 
Organisms where the (answer 23) forms the mouth 
Organisms where the (answer 23) forms the anus 
Lecture 2
Process of layers forming rudimentary organs 
Formation of the central nervous system 
Flexible rod down the length of the organism, found in all chordates (first feature to form) 
Forms the nervous system (second feature to form) 
Formed by the closing of the Neural groove 
Blocks of the mesoderm form into (x) 
Amniote embryos are surrounded by these during development 
Membrane formed by fusion of chorion and allantois 
Formed from part of the chorion, provides nutrients to some mammal embryos 
Formed from the allantois, provides gas exchange for fetal blood 
Actin filaments and microtubules inside cells 
Process responsible for elongating tissues 
A mixture of secreted glycoproteins outside the plasma membrane 
Map of which part of the embryo develops into what 
Totipotent cells found in embryos 
Lecture 3
A substance that determines the fate of the cells that inherit it 
The influence of the environment around the cell for development 
The end result of cytoplasmic determinants 
Pattern of cleavage in insects 
Cytoplasmic determinants present in an unfertilised egg 
Example of (answer 48) found in Drosophila, controls head formation 
A gene that binds to DNA and affects transcription of other genes 
Genes that only affect every other segment 
Genes that specify anterior and posterior organisation 
Genes that control placement of body parts 
A DNA binding region which controls the transcription of other genes 

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