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Lecture 1
One of the 7 most important global crops 
One of the 7 most important global crops 
One of the 7 most important global crops 
One of the 7 most important global crops 
One of the 7 most important global crops 
One of the 7 most important global crops 
One of the 7 most important global crops 
Estimate of how much land suitable for agriculture is currently used 
The rise in productivity due to breeding and ferilisers in the 1950s 
Combination of nitrogen and hydrogen to produce ammonia 
Years of Irish potato famine (space separated) 
Disease which damaged rice growth in Bengal, 1942 
Virus affecting sweet potato crops that is currently a large issue in Africa 
Lecture 2
First virus identified 
Symptom name for yellowing of the leaves 
Popularity of tulips in 1625 due to discolouration 
A small transmissable parasite with a small nucleic acid genome, which needs host cells to replicate 
10000000 virus particles can pack into (x)% of a plant cell space 
(x) are repeated and wrapped around the virus nucleic acid 
75% of viruses have this structure 
Unencapsidated, small, single stranded RNAs 
Lecture 3
Restricted areas of diseased tissue 
Patterns of light and dark on leaves 
Tissue death 
Examples of this are growth reduction, colour deviations and wilting 
Creates brown rings on the insides of potatoes 
Two or more viruses acting together 
Small green insects, common virus vectors in the UK 
Disease of sugar beet caused by a fungus 
Hairs on plants that act as mechanical transmitters for viruses 
Method of transmission when pollen grains are infected 
Lecture 4
Year of TMV discovery 
Exact length of a TMV virus 
RNA dependent RNA polymerases coded by TMV 
Size of these proteins in KDa (space separated) 
Causes skipping of a stop codon 10% of the time 
30KDa protein produced by TMV 
Size of protein that wraps the nucleic acid 
Channels between plant cells used by viruses 
Lecture 5
Inoculating healthy plants with mild virus form 
Expression of a virus wrapping protein within a plant 
Bacteria used to transmit viral coding into plant in above method of protection 
A trigger which activates the gene 
Toxin that effects insect larva guts, used as a pesticide 
Plants that have been genetically modified 

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