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Carbonate Platforms
Determines the topography and drainage patterns 
North and South Latitude range of rapid carbonate accumulation 
The two factors that have the most effect on carbonate formation are temp and (x) 
Minimum temp for ooid and lime mud formation 
Clear water limit of photic zone (m) 
(x) is increased by addition of suspended sediment from the continent or storms 
Shallow water platform bordered seaward by a pronounced break in slope 
Famous fossil example of this basin in Australia 
Gently sloping platform, under 1degree. 
Local example of this platform 
Extensive, flat cratonic areas covered by a shallow sea 
Shallow water zones with steep sides 
Any platform subjected to rapid sea level rise 
Reefs built by organisms 
Biologically formed carbonate buildups with no framework 
These encrust and bind together the primary frame builders 
Modern reef building corals 
Destructive process caused by grazing browsers 
Most common reefal cement 
Coral have a symbiotic relationship with this algae 
The (x) extends from the highest point to where no frame building takes place 
Seaward of the above feature 
Lies behind the reef crest 
The above consists of the reef pavement and the (x) 
Protected low energy areas 
Reef mounds may be lenticular or (x) in form 
Classic reef mounds of the Palaeozoic 
Alluvial Fans
A group of rocks with similar characteristics 
Conical to semi-circular accumulations of sediment 
These can be split into (x), fan head, central zone (y) 
Separates the two levels of stream flow 
Where several fans coalesce 
When a fan feeds directly into water 
Fans formed by debris flows 
These give rise to (x) rocks 
Fans formed with stream flow dominance 
Low viscosity flows expanding from incised channels giving well sorted sands 
High permeability, well sorted deposits of these fans 
Arid Environments
Wind created structures tens of meters high 
Wind Parallel Dunes 
Wind Transverse dunes have only one (x) 
Dunes with sinuous crests 
When there is insufficient sediment to cover the entire surface 
Stellate to dome shaped dunes created by wind interference 
Largest scale aeolian bedforms 
Migration rate of the above (cm's per year) 
Intracontinental basin with groundwater not discharging in the ocean 
Where the wind erodes sediment down to the capillary zone 
Form from the final stage of water evaporation from a water body 
For a playa basin to form (x) must be higher than inflow 

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