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A collective name for pyroclastic materials 
An expanded glassy foam 
Bits of rock ejected from the volcano 
Erupted fragments over 64mm in diameter 
A rock made out of the above fragments 
Erupted fragments 64-2mm in diameter 
A rock made out of the above fragments 
Fragments under 2mm in diameter 
A rock made out of the above fragments 
Smooth skinned lavas with slow flow rates 
Rough lava that avalanches at the flow front 
Basalt that covers hundreds of km in a sheet 
Often forms blocky lava 
Eruptions occurring at very low temps with highly silicic magma 
Viscous lava piling round the vents form these. 
Very high collums formed by violent discharges 
Formed by collapsing columns  
Deposits made by collapsing columns 
Low angle lava accumulation volcanoes 
Steep angle accumulations of pyroclasts 
Formed by a collapsing in of a volcano 
Hot Spots
Another name for hot-spot volcanoes 
Approximate number of existing hot-spot volcanoes 
Example of a hot-spot at a Mid Ocean Ridge 
An extinct volcano that doesn't reach the surface 
Formed after a sea volcano completely erodes away 
Lava spreads out laterally over (x) when a crater undergoes subsidence 
Age of Hawaiian-Emperor Chain 
Name one of the volcanoes on Hawaii's Big Island 
A convective uprising region 
Left on the sea floor by a moving Hot-Spot 
Destructive Margins
Where old Lithospheric plates go to die 
Narrow, deep depression caused by plate bending 
Broad inclined zone of earthquakes 
What do you call a continental arc in the ocean 
Produced by Back-arc spreading as the trench migrates oceanwards 
Formed by sediment scraping off the subducting plate 
Formed when the above sticks above sea level 
Separates the above from the volcanic arc 
% of water contained in Hydrated Ocean Crust 
How much of this water is returned via arc magmatism (%) 
Basalt is transformed into (x) a dry mix of clinopyroxene and garnet 
Continental Margins
One of the Four types of continental margin 
One of the Four types of continental margin 
One of the Four types of continental margin 
One of the Four types of continental margin 
Plate being subducted at Andean Margin 
Process when basaltic magmas pond at the crust base 
Example of an island arc 
Now extinct plate under California 
Rifts that don't progress far enough to form true ocean floor 
Example of the above given in Lecture 
Half of a graben 
Mountain Forming 
Fragment of ocean basin thrust onto continent 
Global Dynamics
Law stating flux is proportional to the fourth power of temperature 
Transfer of heat from particle to particle 
Typical heat flow in rocks (miliwats/m2) 
Line of equal temperature 
Additional force meaning spread rates are higher for subducting plates 
Form of heat transfer in fluids 
Thin layer that is heated or cooled 
Number for balance between buoyancy force and inhibiting factors 
Critical value for this number 
Dimensions of this number 
Lecturer of this unit 
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