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Lecture 1
Approximate number of extant bird species 
Description of a bird with dull plumage 
Thought to be the first bird 
When was this bird alive 
Protein that feathers are made of 
Outermost feather layer, giving the bird it's smooth shape 
Flight feathers 
Tail feathers 
Pigments made by the bird 
Name one of the colours created by the above pigment 
Pigments which come from the diet 
Name one of the colours created by the above pigment 
The structural feature that gives blue and green colours 
The structural feature that causes iridescence 
The hollow backbone of a feather 
Extend either side of this backbone 
Providing thickness and stability, allow feathers to be fastened 
Held close to the skin, providing insulation 
Intermediate feather providing form and insulation 
Hair-like feathers with few barbs at the tip 
Stiff feathers found only in some birds 
Camouflage function of feathers 
Basic form of feather care, restoring structure and cleaning 
Gland that releases oils for waterproofing 
Community grooming to strengthen relationships 
Name one other method of grooming used by birds 
Lecture 2
The groups that have developed powered flight are birds, insects, bats and (x) 
What is special about bird bone internal structure 
Fusion of the base of the collar bones 
Extension of the breastbone for flight 
Large flight muscle used for wing downstroke 
Smaller muscle used to bring the wings up 
Main sense used by a bird for feeding 
Special shape of a bird's wing 
Resistance caused by moving through the air 
Resistance created by metting of different wind speeds at the wing tip 
Flight method, using weight to travel further horizontally than vertically 
Using wind deflected off cliffs to rise in the air 
Using local updrafts caused by waves etc to maintain height 
Using convective currents of warm air to gain height 
Stationary flying achieved by flying into the wind 
Stationary flying done by Hummingbirds 
The ratio of bird weight to wing area 
The ratio of two dimensions of the wings 
Wing shape often used by forest birds, short and stubby with good maneuverability 
Finger projections to reduce drag 
Wing shape used by swallows and swifts for high speed 
Very long wings used by birds like albatrosses 
Wings that can carry heavy loads often found on raptors 
Lecture 3
Bang on trees with their beaks to create sounds 
Vocal chords of a bird 
Surrounds the vocal chords 
Perching Birds 
When many birds sing in the morning 
Complex calls driven by sex hormone influence 
How chicks indicate hunger 
Reasons why some birds call within the egg 
Behaviour of territorial birds calling to neighbours 
Finger lickin' good 

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