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What is the name of the nightclub where Tony Angelino and Raquel perform in 'Stage Fright'?
What is the name of the road that Uncle Albert runs away to in 'He Ain't Heavy, He's My Uncle'?
Who is there a picture of in Rodney's hotel room in 'The Unlucky Winner Is...'?
In 'To Hull and Back' what bird does Slater mistake Rodney's owl call for?
When Mickey, Jevon, Del Boy and Trigger are hiding behind a curtain at The Nag's Head, what does Tony Driscoll use to try and flush them out in 'Little Problems'?
What does Lennox Gilbey put down his shirt before quickly pulling it back out again in 'The Longest Night'?
What is the name of Louis the pet shop owner's canary, which he sold to Grandad in 'Who's A Pretty Boy?'?
What meal does Del cook for himself and Rodney after Grandad's funeral in 'Strained Relations'?
In 'Wanted' what is the name of the woman who accuses Rodney of attempting to rape her?
What is Del and Rodney's solicitor called in 'Hole in One'?
What disease does Uncle Albert suggest Del might have in 'Sickness and Wealth'?
When Grandad mistakes the microwave for a television in 'May The Force Be With You' which show does he say he's trying to watch?
What does Uncle Albert tell Del over the phone that he has eaten with the possibly tainted pork in 'Sleeping Does Lie'?
What is the name of the hotel on Guernsey that Cassandra is staying at in 'Chain Gang'?
Which property of Rodney's on the Monopoly board does Grandad complain about paying rent for in 'Friday the 14th'?
What is the name of Freddie Robdal's alias in 'The Frog's Legacy'?
In 'The Jolly Boys' Outing', what does Harry the bus driver claim he had to drink at the halfway house?
Who does Trigger suggest might have set up the school reunion in 'The Class of '62'?
Which Bee Gees song does Del sing out loud when they spot Barry Gibb in part two of 'Miami Twice'?
Which football club is Rodney's middle name derived from?
How far does Rodney get when he attempts to run away to Hong Kong in the very first episode 'Big Brother'?
What is the name of the Shamrock Club's jailed local band in 'It's Only Rock and Roll'?
What is the name of the Chinese restaurant in 'The Yellow Peril'?
What colour is the balloon that The Great Ramondo bursts to reveal a dove in 'The Jolly Boys' Outing'?
At the end of 'Dates' where does Del ask the police for the telephone code for?
Which Series Five episode was originally planned to be the last until David Jason changed his mind about quitting the show?
Which actor did Del want to star in his and Rodney's film in 'Sleepless in Peckham'?
According to her grave, on what date did Del and Rodney's mum Joan die?
How much was the bottle of champagne Del had ordered for Rodney in the hotel in 'The Sky's The Limit'?
Which footballer does Rodney mention as he kicks a football to Del in 'The Jolly Boys' Outing'?
Dan Clark, who plays one of the muggers in 'Heroes and Villains', also played which character in a 2004 episode of The Mighty Boosh?
What are the names of the other two contestants alongside Del on the gameshow Goldrush in 'If They Could See Us Now'?
In 'Three Men, a Woman and a Baby' what breed of dog does Rodney tell Cassandra bit him as a child?
What is the name of the artist who painted the painting Del gives to Miranda in 'Yesterday Never Comes'?
What is the name of the butler of Ridgemere Hall in 'A Touch of Glass'?
What drink does the Irish customer order in The Nag's Head in 'A Losing Streak'?
Which is the only episode in the series in which Rodney attempts to explain to Trigger that his name is not Dave?
Where does Grandad suggest they build their nuclear fallout shelter?
Which tennis tournament does Del claim Rodney competed in in order to impress two girls in 'Go West Young Man'?
What is the real name of Gary; the illegal immigrant discovered in the back of Denzil's lorry in 'Strangers on the Shore'?

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