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How many MB Of Ram does the Rev 1 Model B have?
What is the default CPU Frequency?
Does the Raspberry Pi have a HDD?
What maximum HD Resolution can the GPU support up to?
What Architecture is the CPU
What linux distribution is Raspbian based off of?
Using Raspi-Config what is the maximum frequency the CPU can overclock to?
Whats the least amount of RAM the GPU can be allocated?
How many MB of ram does the current Model B ship with?As of 5/2013
Does the Model A Have a network Port?This also requires the hub.
How Many USB Ports does the Model A Have?The Model B has 2 via a Built in Hub
Which company currently manufactures the Raspberry Pi in the UKThey made 3 consoles with another this year
Which was the first expansion module for the Pi?It can take 1080p Video!
Who is the Head of Communications?The person who wirtes most of the blog posts and manages the twitter!
Who is the a Co-Founder of The Raspberry Pi Foundation?
Can you expand its RAM?Search POP
How many volts does the Pi require?Include V at the end of the question
Name the digital video out on the PiAbbreviation Allowed
Name the analauge video out on the PiIt's yellow!
Is Power Over Enthernet Possible as Standard?
What is the offical programming language?Snake
Can It Run Windows 8 / Windows RT?I'l Give you a hint. Its windows
Which trustee is also the creator of Elite?The Game also ran a kick starter this year
Who is the software engineer at Raspberry Pi?Also known as the Pi's Justin Bieber
Who is the Educational Officer at Raspberry Pi?
What is the name of the first Pi magazine?The Magazine is A Friend of Pi
How many students were on the RasPiThon Team?Search on the RPi Site about this
How much money did RasPiThon raise for the Foundation?Over £X00 amount
Who created the Pibow?The company Name
What did the company who created the Pibow recently Kickstart?It was also the first UK kickstarter
Where is the Red Raspberry Pi designed to be sold at?They first made the Pi
What town was the Pi designed in?Its the university that also supports the Pi
What is the name of Eben & Liz's CatThe one that scratched Eben and was mentioned in the 1 year post!
What is an Raspberry Pi Event called?Hint it can be spread on toast
Who Created the event?Full or twitter name is allowed
What is the new all in one image called for the Pi?The recommended download
Does it fit in an Altoids tin?Altoids Mints
Who is the chair of the Raspberry Pi Foundation?

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