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What is the method of production where workers add parts as the product moves down the belt?
The early industrial revolution had largely accelerated due to the use of this invention?
To utlize space better in cities we build upward, resulting in what structures?
Because of harshening work environments, workers organized into groups to protect themselves. What were these?
As social classes changed in the west, the industrail revolution essentially created this class.
The anti-alchohol campaign often supported by women was known as what?
The womens movement had an important convention on womens sufferage. This is known as what?
John Dalton, an english chemist, developed a theory that proceeded that of early greek speculation, This is known as what?
The artistic style capitalizing on imagination, freedom, and emotion was known as what?
As a direct opposite to romanticism, this artistic movement diplayed the world as it is: harsh.
This artistic movement concentrated on the initial emotions that were invoked when viewed.
Which two countries quickly became the indrustial nations after Britain?
American manufacturers produced this which improved efficiency and made assembly and repair of products easier?
What new idea in the 1800s established 'Survival of the Fittest' in society?
What is an association called that sets prices and quotas due to the taking over of the market?
Leading industrial power before the industrial revolution?
Scientist who developed a safe explosive and recieved a peace prize named after him?
New artform which modernized recording of images
Provided rapid transportation through cities along with subways?
Effort to improve cities and make them more appealing?

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