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QUIZ: Can you name the The houses of gondolin?

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Leaders nameHouse nameInfo on Houses appearance
Tuor'These wore wings as it were of swans or gulls upon their helms, and the emblem of the White Wing was upon their shields.
Maeglin'Sable was their harness, and they bore no sign or emblem, but their round caps of steel were covered with moleskin.'
Duilin'They bore a fan of feathers on their helms, and they were arrayed in white and dark blue and in purple and black and showed an arrowhead on their shield.'
Egalmoth'They were arrayed in a glory of colours, and their arms were set with jewels. Every shield of that bataillon was of the blue of the heavens.'
Penlod (1st house)unknown
Penlod (2nd house)unknown
Galdor'Their raiment was green.'
Glorfindel'They bore a rayed sun upon their shield.'
Ecthelion'Silver and diamonds was their delight ; and swords very long and bright and pale did they wield.'
Salgant'A harp of silver shone in their blazonry upon a field of black.'
Rog'The sign of this people was the Stricken Anvil, and a hammer that smiteth sparks about it was set on their shields.'
King Turgon'The array of the house of the king and their colours were white and gold and red, and their emblems the moon and the sun and the scarlet heart of Finwë Nólemë.'

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