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Fingolfins SwordSindarin meaning:cold-star
5th battle of BeleriandMeaning unumbered tears
Thingols SwordThis later became the sword of the kings of numenor
Spear of gil-galadSindarin meaning Snow point
Thingols heirBeren and Luthiens son after they returned from the dead
necklace of the dwarvesThingol asked the dwarves to set the silmaril in this which lead to his death
Chain Melkor was bound with.Forged by the vala Aule
Metal devised by Eol.From this Eol forged his armour.
The ship of earendilName means foam flower
Tree of gold (one of the two trees of Valinor)The younger of the two trees, its last fruit became the sun
Tree of silver (one of the two trees of Valinor)The elder of the two trees. its last flower became the moon.
The giant spider who helped kill the two treesShelob is described as being the last child of this entity
Guard of the seventh gate of gondolin (lord of the fountain)Killed and was slain by Gothmog lord of the balrogs
Turin's title in NargothrondName meaning Black Sword
City of the Valar in the land of valinorAlso known as the city of bells
Tree from which eventually came the white tree of gondor.Yavanna created it in the image of the silver tree as a gift to the the eldar in tirion
Name of Gandalfs swordSword of Turgon King of gondolin and High king of the Noldor
True name of Gil-GaladLast King of the Noldor
Saurons Fortress in MirkwoodName meaning hill of black sorcery
King Dain's Sonnicknamed stonehelm

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