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Can you name the Mario Power-ups and effects?

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Power-up effectPower-up
Makes mario grow
Gives Mario an extra life
Lets Mario throw fire
Gives Mario invincibility
Makes Mario Throw ice
Makes Mario hop and swim better
Lets Mario Throw Hammers
Lets Mario Throw Boomerangs
A bad Mushroom
Gives you a Tanooki body
Lets you roll in a boulder
When you spin,you create clouds
Power-up effectPower-up
Turns Mario into a bee
Makes Mario a Boo
Gives Mario a spring around his body
Allows Mario to drill underground
Gives Mario the ability to throw snowballs and slide on his belly on ice
Mario rides on one of these. They can flutter jump and swallow things with their tongues
Gives Mario the ability to spin and fly high into the air.
Mario slings this on his back in Super Mario Sunshine and squirts water
Gives Mario the effects of a koopa
Shrinks Mario
Makes Mario grow huge
Turns Mario to metal

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