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Cancer is a ___ disease but it is not inherited, occurs in somatic tissues
Cancer go through a series of developmental changes characterized by uncotrlled ____
Radiaiton and chemotherapy affect ______ cells as well as ____cells
Prostate cancer has a ___prevalance
Lung cancer is the most one that will ___ you
If you want to study cacner cells, tease the cells apart and break them into ____cell suspensions
You can preserve the cancer cells by ____
Normal cells can maniplated to be cancerous using ____ agents
Nomral cells have _____ inhibition
Need to supply a cell with _____ factors, serum is a rich soucre of ___ factors
At some point, cancer cells lose their requirement for ______
If you take normal cells from an animal, make single cell suspensions and start growing them invitro, called ___
Cancer cells don't go through this agin process, thet are ____
Cancer cells have ____ abnormalities
In cancer cells, some of the peices of chromosomes get cut off and sometiems get attached to other ____
Alleles are the fact that the pairs have the same DNA but are different ___
If normal cells are unrepairrable, broken, they undergo
Cacncer cells are not as dependent on ____ structure
Cells with the greatest proliferative capacity will be selective and therefore the most rapid growing cells are the ones that ___
Cancer cells aren't as dependent on _____ respiration, they use ____ and fermentation
Chemical carcinogens cause ____
___- radition to cause loss electrons, occurs with alpha, beta particles, __ radition, neutrons and __ waves
RNA and DNA tumor viruses include ___ viruses, SV40, adenovirses
RNA virsues are ______, like HIV
Tumor viruses transform cells because the products of their gene interfe with the host cell's normal _______factros, don't ____ inude
Hep B - ___ cancer, episten-barr - burkitt's lymphoma, human herpes virus-8 is thought to cause ___ sarcoma
Absetos causes ____, cigarettes contain ____, uv light can cause ___ cancer
Cancer starts in ___ cells, which form ____ cells
Genetic changes tahat might lead to cancer can often be idenitgied by changes in the ___ apperance and behavior
Genes involved in carcinogensis affect cell ___, cell-cell ___, apoptosis and ___repair
Colorectal cancer - first gene affected is the ___ gene
APC mutation is dound in 60% of the non-cnacerous ___ of the colon and represent the first step in colon cancer
TP53 mutates late in development of colon cancer and leads to cancer, overexpression of ___ occurs and cancer becomes metastic
APC gene loss then DNA loses ___ groups
DNA loses methyl groups and then ___gene mutaiton
DCC gne loss right before last stage _____
TP53 leads to it being a ____
Now know whether or not the ____ reflects a cahnge in the strucutre of the gene
Tumor-supressor genes slow down ____
Oncogenes enahnce cell proliferation and inibit ___
Cells possess several genes that control normal cellular activies, but when mutated, subvert the cells normal activies and push the cell toward ____
The normal gene performs important cellular cotnrol called ___
The term ____ denttes a normal gene that can be involved with formation of cancer, when it becomes mutated
The viral form of oncogene is a ___ and in the cell genome is ___ to distinguish the origin of the gene products
Proto-oncogene can be converted to oncogenes by ____, gene duplication and ____ translocation

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