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Lysosomes contain a large variety of _____ enzymes that can digest
To get to destination, vesicles move along ______ to destinations
Also, tetherings on the ____vesicle bind to specific target vesicles or membranes. It is that a small G-protein, called ____, anchors the vesivle via a fibrous tethering protein at
There are many different Rab proteins and they may provide some of the specificity for ____to a certain target
. Rabs also recruit specific _______ tethering proteins to different membranes and regulate motor proteins that move vesicles along _____.
Docking of vesicles occurs when the membranes of the two vesicles come into close contact by interaction of the _____ of integral membrane proteins
These integral membrane proteins are called _____and consist of a family of about ___different _____. Although different, they all share a motif of _____ amino acids (the SNARE mot
SNARES can be divided into two functional categories, __-SNARES and ___-SNARES. ___-SNAREs are on cargo vesicles and ___-SNARES are on _____compartments.
Fusion of vesicles w/ target membranes occurs when t-SNARES and v-SNARES combine, pull their respective _____apart, allow the membranes to fuse. Also r
It is the combination of ____, tethering proteins and _____ that provide the specificity for a vesicle to bind and fuse with the target membrane.
Exocytosis occurs mostly ______ and is when a vesicle takes molecules from the inside of cells and releases them to the ______ environment.
Exocytosis includes _____ proteins. The exocytic vesivle binds to the ____ membrane and small _____ pore is formed and the membranes fuse
Lysosomes contain ___ digestive enzymes and have an acidcity of ____ because of proton pumps
Lyosomes are involved in ____ which rids the cells of dead or damaged organelles, lyosomes fuse and degrade the organelle
Autophagy - vesicle has double membrane from ___
Endocytosis occurs to engulf ______ receptors and ligands bound to them and extracellular ____
_____ is the engulfment of of particles greater than ____ microns
_______ endocytosis is the uptake of extracellualr fluid, also known as pinocytosis
______endocytosis brings extracellular macromolecues into the cell when bound to cell surface receptors
Receptor-mediated endocytosis is associated with ______pits
Receptor =-meidated endo occurs to supply cell with _______, growth factors made by other cells and delivered to the target cell
Specfic receptors are located in _______ to which various ligands can be interorized
On the exterior of plasma mebrane you can see pits and on _____ side you can see accumulation of ____ molecules
When the receptors bind to their ligands, the pil will forma a ____- and enter into the ctyoplasmm with its cargo
The _____ on the outside of the vesicle will disassocaite
There is a ____ due to clathrin molecule formed on the inner surface of a coated pit
The cltrhin moleuce is composed of thrree ___ chains and three ____ chains and forms what is called a ______ form
A number of accesory molecules and ____ aid in holding the _____ structure as well as anchor the _____ complex to the vesicle, most important is ____
The mu subunit of AP-2 binds to the _______ tails of receptors that are holding cargo in the forming vesicle. the _____ subunit recruits and hoolds the clathrin molecules in place
As a vesicle of a coated pit begins to pinch off from plasma membrane, a _____ gets involved
A dyamin is a large ____ binding protiein that binds to the collar of the besicle, ____ and wraps around it and helps it pinch
Once the vesicle is free, the ___ is hydrolyzed and so the dyamin collar disassembles
Receptor-mediated endo brinfs in ___________ receptors like lactoferrin, hromones and _____-
Receptor-mediated endo brings in __ receptors that change the physiology. Once the _____ receptors in the cell, tagged by __that marks it for destruction.
The vesicles that endo the cell are ____ endosomoes and at periphery of cell
Early endos as they move to the center of cell are called ____ endo.
In th eprocess, the internal ___ of the endosome decreases causing receptors to release their cargo
_______ receptors are retained in the vesicle and recycled to the plasma membrane
Note: Mannose 6P receptors are _____ back to trans golgi to be reused
Chlosteroal is delivered to cells from _____ as ____
LDL contain a core of about ______ cholesterol molecules bound by ____ linakges to long-chain fatty acids
The core is surrounded by _____ and otuside is aprotein mass made of copies of same protein called _____________
LDL bind to _____coated pits by LDL receptors
LDL receptors are recycled to plasma membrane and _____ fuses with lysosomes , the protein coat is removed and the cholesterol is de-______ and the cholesterall is free
High levels of LDLS lead to ______
____ form when LDL gets into inner wall of arteires and induces an infammatory response
______ are drigs that lower cholesterol productionm LDL, like ____, they block the cholesterol biosynthetic pathway
LDL is ____ cholesterol
HDL is ____cholesterol and has a coat protein called ____
_____ carry excess cholesterol from the plasma membrane of cells back to the liver for disposal

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