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Aerobic respiration is a _____ form of producing energy
Anerobic respiration is _________
____________ able to convert light into energy
Cyanobacteria splits ___________ to release __________
Molecular oxygen can be _______
Oxygen allowed complete ___________ of compounds to capture ______________
In liver, the mitochondria uses _______ to extract energy
Methane is the most ________ state of carbon
Carbon dioxide is the most __________ state of carbon
Mitochondria are the length of ________
Mitochondria in ____________ are long, circuitous and occupy a ______ amount of space
Process that come into the membrane are called _________
The balance between __________ and __________ determines the number of __________ per cell
In ________, mito represent __________ of cell volume and about ________ proteins
Mito often associate with _________ acquire some of the fat, and _________ it for energy
Mito surround the __________ of sperm and provide ________ for their motility
Mito have two membranes, ______ membrane and the _________ membrane
__________ comes off the inner membrane
Cristae vastly increases __________
There are two _____________ compartments of the mito
The two compartments are the __________
Cristae are important for the production of ____________
matrix is like gel because it is thick and has a high concentration of _____________
Proteins in the _____________ are involved in programmed
The outer membrane contains 50% __________ by weight and curious ___________
The inner membrane contains about 1_______per 3_______
The _____________ has a very high protein to lipid ratio
Mito orignated when bacteria invaded the ___________ of an ancient cell as a ___________
The ____________ has large pores, called _____________
Porins have large internal channels surrounded by a barrel of ____________
__________ can open and close and even __________ can move through them
The inner membrane is ___________ and needs transporters to move molecules into the _____________
The ____________ is important for uptake and release of calcium
The _______ is the key to bioenergetic activities
_________________ is in between the outer and inner membrane
The matrix has everything you need for _____, incluidng enzymes, small ribosomes and DNA
mtDNA encodes for 13_______________ that are integrated into the ______________-
Other important proteins are encoded in the ___________ and transported to the mito.
Two __________ and 22 ____________ are also encoded in the mtDNA
We recieve the _________ from our mothers
Mito is ________ to mutate and therereofe we can trace our mito DNA easily
There are two stages in the catabolism of glucose, _________________
Glycolysis occurs in the ___________
In glycolusis, glucose is broken down to ___________
In glycolysis, _____ and an important carrier of electrons, _____ are produced
TCA occurs in the ___________
In prokaryottes, the TCA cycle occurs in ____________
TCA leads to _____________ of carbon to _____________ with the production of ATP
Energy in glucose is stored as ____________ electrons
High energy electrons removed from substrate molecules during glycolysis and TCA cycle are used to make
NAD+ stands for
NAD+ transfers __________to reduce itself
Glucose using _____________ becomes ______________
Hexokinase uses _________ to make ____________
Glucose 6-phosphate using ____________becomes ____________
Fructose 6-phosphate using _____________ becomes ______________
Phosphofructokinase uses ___________ to make _____________
Fructose 1,6 bisphosphate uses _________ to become __________
Dihydroxyacetone uses ________ to become __________
Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate uses _____________ to become_________
Glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase uses ____and__________to make ____________phoglycerate
Glyceraldehyde phosphate dehydrogenase turns _______ to ________
1,3-bisphosphoglycerate uses __________ to become ____________
Phosphogylcerate kinase _______ to make____________
3-phosphoglycerate uses _____________ to become
2-phosphoglycerate uses _________ to become ____________
Phsophoenolpyruvate uses ___________ to become
Pyruvate kinase ___________ to make
The TCA cycle is responsible for generating high energy_______ for ______________
Five of the reactions in the _________ cycle are catalyzed by ____________
_________________ is bound to the inner membrane of the mito
Pyruvate uses ___________ to become _____________
Pyruvate dehydrogenase creates ____and ______
Acetyl CoA combines with
Ocxaloacetate uses __________ to become
Citrate Synthase uses water to make __________ to make ____________
Citrate uses ________ to become
Isocitrate uses _______________ to become
Isocitrate dehydrogenase creates ____and______
Alpha-ketoglutarate uses ______________ to become _________
Alpha-ketoglutarate hydrogenase uses ___ to make_____and _____
Succinyl-CoA uses ________ to become_____ and make
Succinyl-CoA synthase uses____and ___ to make
Succinate uses ______ to become _____
Succinate dehydrogenase creates______ to become _________
Fumarate uses ______ to become _______
Fumarase uses _____to make
Malate uses ________ to become________
Malate dehydrogenase creates______
Reduced NADH produced during _________ can't enter the ___________
NADH reduces ________ which enters the mito
_____________ transfers the electrons to FAD to become ________
_________________is the glycerol 3-phosphate
__________ is turned into glycerol 3-phosphate outside the __________
In the _______membrane Glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase takes the electrons from glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate and turns __________ to ________
Electron Transport pathway has electrons transferred from FADH2 or NADH that move protons across the ____________ to the ____________ space of the mito.
The low energy electrons left are transferred to oxygen which becomes
Next, protons that have been translocated from the matrix to the _____________ move back across the membrane, which provides energy for ________ to be ________
Electrons ______ energy as they move down the chain
Role of mito is to convert energy from organic molecules to _______
Mito has a system to generate a ______
Mito has a membrane capable of maintaining the
Mito has the machinary to utilize the ______ to perform work
When energy from electrons is used to make ATP, the process is called
When ATP is formed as a result of a phosphate group being transferred from a substrate to ADP its called
Flavoproteins consist of a polypeptide tightly bound to 2 related prosthetic groups _____ and ______
FAD and FMN can ________ or accept 2 ______ and 2 _______
Two major flavo proteins are
Cytochromes are proteins have ______ groups
The iron in cytochomres go from Fe3+ to _____ when gaining or losing electrons in reversible reactions
There are three different cytochromes which differ by __________ on the heme group
There are _______ copper atoms in a single protein that accept and donate _______ they transiton form Cu2+ to ____
Ubiquinone is a lipid soluble molecule with a long _______ chain composed of 5 carbon, __________ units
Each ubiquinone can accept or donate ____ electorns or ____ protons
Ubiquinone gets ________ to ubiqunol
Ubiquinone and Ubiquinol remain in the _________ layer and can move rapidly in lateral diffusion
Iron-sulfer centers and the iron is _____ a heme group
The iron-sulfer centers contain either 2 _____ and 2 ____ of 4 ____ and 4_____
The iron-sulfer centers can only accpet or donate
FAD stands for _________ and it is reduced to form FADH2
The FADH2 created in the glycerol phosphate shuttle by the glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate is transported to the ____

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