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In what year did Mario make his first appearance?
What is the maximum amount of miis that the nintendo wii can hold?
In MInecraft, what does the compass lead to?
Name on of the four playable characters in Super Mario 64 DS
Mario's first game, Donkey Kong, was originally meant to feature what cartoon character?
Name one of the three drawable weapons in Drawn to life: the next chapter
The arcade game Crazy Taxi was developed by what company?
How many mini games are there in Mario Party: Star Rush
What Playstation Classic stars a rapping dog?
What is the name of the main location in The legend of Zelda?
In Sonic the Hedgehog, What kind of animal is Knuckles?
Who is the host of the brain age games?
What game series feature a character named Sackboy?
As of 2017, how many mario kart games have been released?
What is the konami code?

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