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Direct damage ability
To annoy with small bursts of non-lethal attacks
A debuff that prevents any movement by a champion
Killed by a tower with no enemy hero receiving credit for it
To go to try to kill an enemy, often by surprise
Increased attack speed
To target a player
Low level account for an experienced player to face lower opponents
Character who usually starts off weak but can lead a team to victory
Very competitive players with added influence on the game's development
Low on mana
To draw a hero out of a comfort zone
The creep enemies who live in the jungle
A large volume of damage done quickly then very little sustained follow up damage
Summoner's rift
All of the enemy team is dead for the movement
The powerful creep that provides gold and experience to the whole team
Twisted treeline
To gather up a creep wave and attempt to destroy an enemy tower
Proven tech help provider
Someone who quits a game before it's over
Blue pilling
An ability that fires a projectile that can be dodged
The road like expanses that contain towers and lead to and from the bases
An attempt to fool one's chasers
Point blank area of effect
Non-canon name for a champion
A practice match, usually before a more serious match
A custom game between two players. Usually done on Howling Abyss but occasionally done on Summoner's Rift in mid lane.
A custom game type where players randomly pick a champion to only fight in the middle lane.
Damage that ignores all types of damage reduction
Imbalanced: describing something as unfairly powerful.
Any single ability that deals huge amounts of damage (compare to burst which usually involves multiple abilities)
An aura or ability that does not stack
The game's current play style, consisting of aspects such as lane setup, jungling, and team composition.
To have vision and influence over areas around the map. Ways to increase this include placing wards and destroying enemy towers.
A player's best or favorite champion to use.
A champion/build that is high in damage but low in defense.
Health generation per 5 seconds
A champion performing an action which signals allied champions to begin the battle.
Staying in the minion paths in order to push or farm.
Pushing the target's position in the opposite direction of the skill user. Target cannot move or act during the knocking motion.
A form of crowd control that prevents the enemy from taking particular actions.
An ability or spell that temporarily reduces a unit's ability to fight
A type of champion selection where all participants must first go through a champion banning phase and where no champion can be picked by more than one player.
A game mode that focuses on seizing capture points
To pursue a specific target into a highly dangerous area, typically beneath an enemy turret.
To fight until the battle is over or until your champion is slain
How well a champion's efficiency increases as the game continues and as they gain levels and items.

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