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Can you name the wrestlers who returned, based on the clues?

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Hosted RAW 12 years after being screwed2010
Was introduced as a member of the NWO by Kevin Nash2002
Got revenge for being buried alive2004
Squashed Eric Bischoff in a match2003
Replaced Paul Heyman at the Raw announce table2001
Won the Royal Rumble2008
Stopped the Un-Americans from burning the flag2002
Was drafted to RAW after being injured for a year2004
Announced his co-ownership of WWF2001
Teamed up with John Cena against Glamarella2008
Attacked The Rock during the Royal Rumble2001
Destroyed everyone in a Lumberjack Match2004
Attacked Edge backstage2005
Attacked Stone Cold during a First Blood match against Booker T2001
Interrupted Jack Swagger during ECW2009
Returned from a Quadricep injury2001/2007
Eliminated Randy Orton in the Royal Rumble2004
Teamed with Chris Jericho against William Regal and Tajiri2001
Returned at No Way Out2002
Introduced as Shawn Michaels' insurance policy1997
Squashed Triple H at Wrestlemania1996
Attacked RVD after a match with Booker T2002
Chose to rejoin the WWF, and not the Alliance2001
At One Night Stand, he announced that he was the new Smackdown commentator2006
Attacked the Undertaker for JBL2004
Interfered in the MNM vs. Batista and Rey Mysterio Cage Match2005
Became John Cena's ally, over a year after Right to Censor broke up2002
Confronted Torrie Wilson2003
Surprise entrant in the Royal Rumble2002

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