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Can you name the Michael Grant's GONE characters?

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Plays as a sort-of mayor, 4-bar mutant freak, loves to surfPerdido Beach
Likes to take the role of leader, 4-bar mutant freakCoates Academy
Known as 'the genius'Perdido Beach
Manipulative, known as 'the witch' (occasionally)Coates Academy
Saddist, known as 'the psychopath'Coates Academy
Freak with the ability of healingPerdido Beach
Mayor-person's right-hand man, good with gunsPerdido Beach
The mutant freak with the highest amount of bars, the youngest freakPerdido Beach
Has no physical form, has extreme power over those who encounter it
Used to be Mayor-person's best friend, betrayed him, loves to surfPerdido Beach
Has the power to seem invisible, blend in with surroundings (all that is seen is a ripple in the scenary)Coates Academy
Good with 'techie stuff', figures out how to beat the 'poof'Coates Academy/Perdido Beach
Looks after the 'prees' and 'littles', takes ProzacPerdido Beach

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