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Forced Order
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What is the name of Eddie Murphy's Character?
What city is he from?
What is the name of his boss?
What is the name of his old friend who comes to see him?
What happens to his friend?
What hotel does he stay in in Beverly Hills?
What kind of car does he drive?
What are the names of the two Beverly Hills cops that befriend Eddie's character?
Who does Eddie's character suspect had his friend killed?
Bearer bonds were being smuggled from what country?
What is the name of the girl who manages the art gallery?
What is the name of the man who works at the gallery?
The man at the gallery is played by?
Which Beverly Hills cop punched Eddie's character?
'We're not going to fall for a ______ __ ___ _______.'
What was the name Eddie's character used to get into the Harrow Club?
What disease did he apparently have?
What gift did Eddie's character give to the Beverly Hills cops as a 'thank you'?
What magazine did Eddie's character pretend to be writing for in order to get a room in the hotel?
Who was he supposed to be interviewing?
What was the name of the Lieutenant of the Beverly Hills Police Force?
What name did Eddie's character call the gunman in the strip club?
What did Eddie's character find in the warehouse that made him think there was cocaine?
What did the police charge Eddie's character with after being thrown out of a window?
Who plays Eddie's character's cop friend back home?

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