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Can you name the four-letter words in this Disney film themed ladder?

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Hint4-Letter Word
• 1994 Disney Film: 'The ____
[Rung 8]' •
Depict or describe in painting or words2
Green citrus fruit3
It connects two points4
A relative of cod5
Breathing organ6
Martial art: ___ Fu7
• 1994 Disney Film: 'The [Rung 1]
_____' •
Affectionate, showing benevolence9
To concern oneself with, to pay attention to10
Not spicy, like salsa11
Where grains, seeds, etc. are ground12
Place of many stores13
Impudence, chutzpah14
Hint4-Letter Word
A large party15
• Love interest in 'The [Rung 1]
[Rung 8]' •
Nothing, in Spanish17
Fatherly art movement?18
County where Miami is19
Chip's chipmunk partner in the Disney world20
An often mythic story21
Above average height22
A flaw in a poker player23
Blue-green color24
'Kiss from a Rose' singer25
To char or scorch26
• Villainous uncle of 'The [Rung 1]
[Rung 8]' •

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