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Forced Order
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Til I die imma live it up
Aint a player no more 
It's like a jungle sometimes, the weed smoke makes me wohder, how i keep from going under
Doe or Die 
Time to question our lifestyle look how we live, smoking weed like it aint no thing
Better Dayz 
i know i can, be what i wanna be
I Can 
Ayo u better flee hobbes, or get your head flown 3 blocks
Put it on 
thats why he kicks push, kicks push, kicks push, and coast
Kick Push 
But i, somehow, some way, Keep comin up with funky ass **** like every single day
Gin and Juice 
engine, engine number 9 on the new york transit line
The choice is yours(This or That) 
We made the impossible look easy, believe me on my block
My Block 
I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, take a look at my life, and relize theres nothing left
Gangsta's Paradise 

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