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Forced Order
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MuscleOrigin and Insertion Muscle Action
Serratus Anterior InsertionMaintain scapula opposition to thoracic wall
Supraspinatus (rotator cuff) OriginStabilise GHJ
Pec. Minor InsertionDepress lateral angle of Scapula
Rhomboid Major OriginElevate and retract Scapula
Pec. Major OriginFlex, abduct and medial rotation of GHJ
Long head of Triceps Brachii InsertionAccesory mover of extension and adduction of GHJ
Long head of Triceps Brachii OriginPrimarily extension of elbow
Rhomboid Minor OriginElevate and retract scapula
Trapezius InsertionMiddle fibres retract scapula and lower fibres depress scapula
Subscapularis (rotator cuff) OriginStabilise GHJ
Teres Minor (rotator cuff) InsertionLateral Rotation of GHJ
Deltoid InsertionClavicular fibres assist flexion and and posterior fibres assist extention
MuscleOrigin and Insertion Muscle Action
Subscapularis (rotator cuff) InsertionMedial Rotationn of GHJ
Deltoid OriginAbduct GHJ above 30 degrees
Rhomboid Major Insertion
Infraspinatus (rotator cuff) OriginStabilise GHJ
Rhomboid Minor Insertion
Serratus Anterior OriginProtract and rotate scapula
Trapezius OriginUpper fibres elevate scapula and rotate scapula during abduction at GHJ above horizontal
Pec. Minor OriginProtect Scapula
Infraspinatus (rotator cuff) InsertionLateral Rotation of GHJ
Supraspinatus (rotator cuff) InsertionInitiate abduction of GHJ
Pec. Major InsertionClavicular head- flex an extended humerus and posterior fibres- extend a flexed humerus
Teres Minor (rotator cuff) OriginStabilise GHJ

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