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This law insured bank deposits in case of the bank failing
This law aimed to raise crop prices by paying farmers to plant less crops
This person criticized FDR and proposed a national guaranteed income for every person
This law paid young men to build roads and plant trees
The first action by FDR was to close all of the _______ until they could be inspected by the government
This program eventually replaced the AAA
This person criticized FDR and proposed a government-enforced maximum on income and wealth
This program eventually replaced the NIRA
The AAA and NIRA were both struck down by the ____________ for being unconstitutional
This law gave money to states to build schools and public buildings
This plan by FDR involved adding more members to the Supreme Court to ensure support for his programs
This president attempted to fix the Great Depression by passing many programs to help people directly
This law set prices for many products to keep prices high
The ____________ was made up of African-Americans, southern whites, unions, and urban groups
This law attempted to harness water power to generate electricity and prevent floods
This law was created to prevent illegal stock trading
This law gave money directly to unemployed
This program was created to provide education and jobs to young people
This president attempted to fix the Great Depression by using a 'hands off' approach
FDR used ______ to communicate with Americans and raise support for New Deal programs

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