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One of the original boys, wears a red poof ball hat
One of the original boys, Jew
One of the original boys, festively plump
One of he original boys, dies
Blonde classmate, has boobs
Has verbally abusive parents. Professor Chaos
Classmate, considers himself the sexiest of the class
Classmate, known to give the middle finger to everyone around him
Handicapped classmate. Stand up comedian
Handicapped classmate. Likes to say his name
Wealthiest classmate
Hyperactive and paranoid classmate.
Classmate, one of the original boy's girlfriend. Very smart
Town's Geologist
Violent, snobbish and ill-tempered older sister
Jewish Lawyer
Over-protective mother
Hunter, TV show host, owns a gun store
Canadian-born adopted son
Spoils her son. ****
Alcoholic and abusive father
Alcoholic and violent mother
Strict possibly bisexual father
Teacher who had a sex change
School counselor
Principal of the school
Owns sanctuary of gay animals
Has a Talk Show
Talking Poo
Talking stoner towel

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