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Can you name the Legend of Zelda Characters from Ocarina of Time?

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Main Character
Main Villan
Nursemaid/Shadow Temple Sage
Cucco Girl
Takes Hero In as A Child
Shadow Temple Boss
Grave Keeper
King of the Gorons
Goddess of Power
Trusty Mare
Goddess of Courage
Magical Beings that Aid the Hero
Found In Windmill
Show too much PDA in Town
Short Tempered and Egotistical
Fox-Like Creature
Takes Forever to move our of the way. You rescue his daughter
One of the Witch Sisters
One of the Witch Sisters
Wants to Eat your Eyeball Frog
You go inside his belly
Girl at Lon Lon Ranch
Considers himself boss of the Kokiri
Spirit Temple Sage
Your Helpful Guide
Goddess of Wisdom
Boss of Forest Temple
Your Fiancee
First Boss of the Game
Light Sage
A Lost Little Puppy
Your Best Friend/Forest Sage
Is Really A Girl
Lazy Father
Fire Temple Boss

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