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Can you name the words that begins with C and ends with A?

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Country south of Florida
Wrestler and actor John
State of unconsciousness
Ms. Khan who sang with Rufus
Punctuation mark
Can be SLR or Point and Shoot
A beer or a discontinued Toyota
Energy center in the body
A Cuban dance
The Great White North
Rummy-like card game
A composition of voices
Infection of the small intestine
Miguel who won baseball's Triple Crown
Petals of a flower or a Toyota
Ms. Clinton or Ms. Handler
South American country
Capital of South Carolina
George of 'Seinfeld'
Famous womanizer
Capital of Australia
Central American country
Last pharoah of ancient Egypt
Ms. de Vil of 101Dalmatians
Food servce location
Most populous U.S. state
NYC nightclub or song by Barry Manilow
Former Dodger great Roy
This has arms that holds candles
1942 classic movie set in Morocco
'Horn of Plenty'
Former Secretary of State Rice
Exclamation of the TMNT
Fear of closed in spaces
Sang 'Genie in a Bottle'

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