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An alien travels to Earth to save the human race from downfall, but ends up destroyed by his hedonistic rockstar lifestyle.
NYC boy Rael is swept underground in an attempt to rescue his brother. After being pitted against an array of fantasy creatures, it seems as if his goal was to discover himself.
This band has created an entire science fiction story, called Amory Wars, fleshed out by a series of comic books as well as studio albums.
An existensialist glimpse into a man's destruction, from the start of his decline all the way 'til his attempted suicide.
Loosely based on the American Civil War, this 2010 album uses speeches and writings by, amongst others, Lincoln and Whitman as spoken word interludes.
A thousand years ahead in time the revolutionary force of hip hop has been forbidden. A disillusioned mech refuses to be subdued and becomes Galactic Rhyme Federation Champion.
Young Margaret falls in love with a shape-shifting deer and gets pregnant, but their love is hindered by a homicidal rake and the evil Queen of Woods.
The tragic story of a worker at a light bulb factory and his activist girlfriend is told through layers upon layers of meta-narration.
Heroin addict Nikki is brainwashed into assassinating corrupt public figures.
Originally intended as a concept, the fab four «invented» an alter ego band, but abandoned the premise and only fragments of the idea remain on the album.
A concept album focusing on different aspects of struggling with addiction, it takes its title from AA's twelve-step program.
A patient dying of cancer meets his death in the form of a great parade.
Often considered the first ever concept album, these ballads, all dealing with lost love, were inspired by «Ol' Blue Eyes» break-up with Ava Gardner.
Often considered a concept album, not intended as such, this display of vocal harmonies and sunshine pop features consistent themes: growing up and self-doubt.
The listener is taken on a journey through the mind and nightmares of the troubled young boy Steven.
The story of Pink, who lost his father in WWII, is smothered by his mother, struggles at school and eventually distances himself from society.
A 60's mod by the name of Jimmy is a schizophrenic with four identities, used to portray the insecurity and alienation in British youth mentality at the time.
A young man has to kill 1,000 men to get back with his dead lover.
An English bloke loses £1,000 he has saved up, meets a girl and is then dumped by the girl before he's ultimately confronted with two different endings to the tale.
The ghost of a man watches his wife from the afterlife, only to be enraged by the fact that her life goes on after his death.
A deaf, dumb and blind boy becomes a messiah like-figure. Oh, and he's really good at pinball as well.
The lifespan of a cultural arena in Chicago is used as a metaphor of the changing times in America in the 70's and 80's.
An album meant to lament the passing of the old-fashioned English way of life. The band grieves the loss of things such as vaudeville, tudor houses and virginity.
Lewis, an ultra-violent farmer, leaves his family to serve God, who happens to be the musician himself. Ultimately disappointed in the pettiness of his deity, Lewis kills him.
Jesus of Suburbia is sick to death of his life and adopts the identity of St. Jimmy, a violent, drug-dealing punk rocker.

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