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2006Pascale Ferran
1951Kenji Mizoguchi
2002Bertrand Tavernier
1974Robert Bresson
1995Ken Loach
2003Pen-Ek Ratanaruang
2007Catherine Breillat
2000Pawel Pawlikowski
2008Sadik Ahmed
1984Sergei Parajanov
2005Dominik Moll
2008Agnès Jaoui
2000Stephen Frears
1988Étienne Chatiliez
2004Emir Kusturica
1952Kenji Mizoguchi
2006Aki Kaurismäki
1981Rainer Werner Fassbinder
2007Julian Schnabel
1980Maurice Pialat
2004Andrés Wood
1963Satyajit Ray
1965Satyajit Ray
1956Robert Bresson
2007Béla Tarr
1974Rainer Werner Fassbinder
1990Aki Kaurismäki
2000Claude Chabrol
2008Gianni Di Gregorio
2002Annette K. Olesen
1975Andrei Tarkovsky
2002Otar Iosseliani
2004Ousmane Sembene
1997Aleksandr Sokurov
1966Satyajit Ray
1986Leos Carax
2004Lucrecia Martel
1985Krzysztof Kieslowski
2005Stéphane Brizé
2003Dagur Kári
2007Bent Hamer
2006Jafar Panahi
1992Sally Potter
2006Denis Dercourt
2003Pascal Bonitzer
2001Michael Haneke
2005Stephen & Timothy Quay
1959Robert Bresson
2000Zhang Ke Jia
1955Agnès Varda
2006Alain Resnais
1930Jean Vigo
2002Gillies MacKinnon
2004Cédric Kahn
2005Philippe Garrel
2001Thomas Riedelsheimer
2001Cédric Kahn
2007Eric Rohmer
1999/1996Luc & Jean-Pierre Dardenne
2002Aleksandr Sokurov

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