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Can you name the songs NIN has played live since 2013?

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AlbumSongTimes played
Pretty Hate Machine127
With Teeth126
The Downward Spiral126
The Downward Spiral125
Hesitation Marks118
The Downward Spiral103
Hesitation Marks99
Hesitation Marks97
Hesitation Marks96
The Slip94
Pretty Hate Machine93
Pretty Hate Machine86
Year Zero78
The Downward Spiral70
Year Zero67
The Fragile60
The Fragile60
Hesitation Marks51
The Fragile50
Year Zero49
Natural Born Killers soundtrack44
The Downward Spiral42
With Teeth40
The Downward Spiral39
The Downward Spiral37
Hesitation Marks34
Hesitation Marks34
The Fragile33
The Fragile32
Hesitation Marks31
Year Zero26
The Fragile24
Hesitation Marks20
Year Zero17
The Slip17
AlbumSongTimes played
The Social Network OST16
With Teeth16
Hesitation Marks15
Hesitation Marks12
The Fragile11
Year Zero10
With Teeth9
David Bowie cover9
Pretty Hate Machine9
The Fragile8
The Slip7
The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo OST7
The Downward Spiral7
Hesitation Marks6
Add Violence5
Not the Actual Events5
How to Destroy Angels cover4
How To Destroy Angels cover4
Add Violence4
Not the Actual Events4
David Bowie cover4
Year Zero3
Year Zero2
Gary Numan cover2
With Teeth2
How to Destroy Angels cover2
The Crow soundtrack1
The Fragile1
The Fragile1
Ghosts I-IV1
How to Destroy Angels cover1
Not the Actual Events1
How to Destroy Angels cover1
Add Violence1

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