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Can you name the Tori Amos songs in which these lyrics are found?

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Blue isn't red, everyone knows thisScarlet's Walk
If you need me, me and Neil'll be hanging out with the Dream KingLittle Earthquakes
And I hate elevator musicLittle Earthquakes
To you it's another day, to me it's a grim reapingScarlet's Hidden Treasures
Shattered night, then I woke not to a lonely larkAbnormally Attracted to Sin
That one fancies herself as a Black LabAmerican Doll Posse
I will comb myself into chainsThe Beekeeper
I held your hand at the fair and even forgot what time it wasMore Pink: The B-sides
Mother Mary, China white, brown may be sweeterBoys for Pele
Call me evil, call me 'tide is on your side', anything that you wantTo Venus and Back
The red of the red rose is its own and something no man can divideThe Beekeeper
Some say a star will rise againMidwinter Graces
You had a soul that you left back in MemphisAbnormally Attracted to Sin
You're surrounded by an army of two who adore youMidwinter Graces
Brothers and lovers, she and I wereUnder The Pink
Not anyone I really know, just another pilot downBoys for Pele
King Solomon's mines, exit 75, I'm still aliveFrom the Choirgirl Hotel
You know what you know, so you go break the terror of the urban spellTo Venus and Back
So don't give me respect, don't give me a piece of your preciousnessFrom the Choirgirl Hotel
Wrapped in metal, wrapped in ivy, painted in mint ice-creamAmerican Doll Posse

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